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If you post something to your site should you use a url such as or According to this Youtube video by Matt Cutts Google treats hyphens or dashes as separators, but not underscores. So what does that m
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I should clarify that this blog I posted:Does Domain Age Affect RankingRefers to extending or purchasing additional years for your domain name has little if any impact in terms of ranking better. Which means that if I have a domain name that I just registered and
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There are a lot of topics and posts out there regarding the age of your domain and how it factors into ranking better. Some believe that if you purchase or renew your domain for 2 to 3 years or more that it will give you some kind of boost in rankings.Some people
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For those of you concerned about Dolphin's use of meta keywords throughout your site, it really isn't worth spending too much time with them. I have mentioned this in the past that meta keywords don't really count for anything, at least not for Google. Other searc
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I mentioned in the past in a blog post that Google is toying around with the idea of ranking sites based on the speed in which a site loads. The faster it loads the potentially better it would rank in a Google search result page.Well apparently this is now officia
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For those of you that follow Google Pagerank it was officially updated today. If you follow this, you might take a moment to check your site to see if you have any changes. Both main / homepage and inner pages were updated. Since this just happened a few hours ago
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