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I see people talking about SEO and Dolphin over in the Boonex Unity forums from time to time, but not that often. When they do it's almost always the very basics. Some of which isn't even relevant or used anymore.What I see discussed are things like the site title
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It seems that Google is creating quite a stir recently over Bing copying Google search results to some extent. It is a bit confusing and hard to follow. I am kind of neutral on the topic, but it is interesting reading.Apparently Google made some kind of searches w
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Does anyone remember Ask Jeeves? Which later became just used to think Ask Jeeves was a pretty decent marketing idea. Those darn commercials on TV caught my attention. They actually have a strong resemblance to what we see with the Dex commercials on TV.
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If your site is totally private or mostly private, where someone needs to sign up or join your site to gain access to your content, you might think about optimizing what you have to work with.You are going to need to optimize your homepage. Title, description, lot
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I don't know if most people check their web site stats that often or not. Same goes for Google Webmaster Tools stats.I check them both fairly regularly. Mostly to see if there is anything that stands out as out of the ordinary and might require further investigati
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Today is one of those sad days regarding Yahoo. They have begun transitioning to Microsoft for searches.It wasn't like Yahoo was my primary search engine, but in my opinion their search results were much more accurate and relevant than Microsoft's Bing. It is prob
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Usually for most it is a good sign when you see the Google Crawler or GoogleBot visiting your site frequently. It usually means when you publish or post new content Google will likely find it and add it to the search results or index it in a short period of time.I
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I don't know if any of you caught the recent news or announcement about Google planning to create some form of Facebook like site. The article I read did mention the wold doesn't need another Facebook replica. So it kind of implies that they would create something
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After doing a Google search have you ever wondered if you will see the exact same result in another web browser?You really should, but this is not always the case. There are a number of different factors involved. If you are signed into any Google type of account
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Obviously every site will vary in terms of traffic, how much it receives, where it comes from, how popular it is, etc., etc.Here in this example screen shot from my Google Analytics it very easy to see how much traffic Google alone can bring or generate.For those
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