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I have noticed people talking about some really big php.ini settings for Dolphin. If you are just testing Dolphin on your own VPS, dedicated server, or even locally that is one thing, but cheap shared hosting is another story. I am not so sure that I would beef up
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Awhile back I did some Dolphin 7 video testing with and without the h264 codec enabled with Dolphin 7.0.9. You can read the complete details if interested here:Dolphin ffmpeg Videos With and Without h264 ComparisonsThe current Dolphin version / build at that time
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For those of you that have been thinking about buying a Boonex Dolphin license, but have been putting it off you might want to grab one very soon.I just received (October 1st, 2012) this email message stating that not only are Dolphin licenses going up, but they a
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If you like Boonex Dolphin you have probably read a number of updates about the new features they have planned. Some are kind of nice and look appealing, but we will have to see what the final outcome and result happens to be.Sometimes change can be a good thing,
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It can be difficult to get Dolphin 7x to work with PHP 5.3.x, but getting Dolphin 6.1.x to work is another story. If you are still using Dolphin 6.1.x it's better to stick with PHP 5.2.x if possible. If you control the server PHP 5.2.x is much easier to configure.
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Recently I did some video upload tests with and without the h264 codec, which you can enable and disable in your Dolphin Administration "Flash Apps" Modules area in the "Video Player Settings".You can read up on the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec over at Wikipedia if you
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Recently I checked out several Dolphin 7 websites that are either listed in the Boonex Unity Websites section or sites that were mentioned in a Boonex Forum thread.I didn't specifically go on a Dolphin hunt. I just checked a few out that happened to be mentioned o
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Sometimes I get asked "how do I find or get people to sign up and join my Dolphin website?" That can be a tough one, and it can be difficult depending on the type of site or group your site caters to.The good news is there are tons, and I do mean tons of places yo
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The past couple of months I have been following a group of other non-Dolphin sites that have been providing a wealth of useful tips, information, and resources. The number of things out there that can be used either with your Dolphin site or to benefit it is simpl
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While we continue to wait for Dolphin 7.0.x and 7.1.x updates Boonex occasionally posts Dolphin 8 teasers. The most recent is the Dolphin 8 Preview - Page Builder. They recently posted a video teaser that is a little over 6 minutes long. It isn't extremely detaile
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