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I see people talking about SEO and Dolphin over in the Boonex Unity forums from time to time, but not that often. When they do it's almost always the very basics. Some of which isn't even relevant or used anymore.What I see discussed are things like the site title
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One of the major drawbacks with Dolphin is it doesn't score well in the SEO department. A few years back it had almost none, but even with the current Dolphin 7.1.x version SEO is barely noticeable when compared to many other CMS platforms. Don't get me wrong I lo
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If your site is totally private or mostly private, where someone needs to sign up or join your site to gain access to your content, you might think about optimizing what you have to work with.You are going to need to optimize your homepage. Title, description, lot
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If you post something to your site should you use a url such as yoursite.com/golf_tips.php or yoursite.com/golf-tips.php? According to this Youtube video by Matt Cutts Google treats hyphens or dashes as separators, but not underscores. So what does that m
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