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Sometimes I get asked "how do I find or get people to sign up and join my Dolphin website?" That can be a tough one, and it can be difficult depending on the type of site or group your site caters to.The good news is there are tons, and I do mean tons of places yo
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A while back I decided to add a Wordpress base blog to this site. At first I was a little reluctant and I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go this route. Here it is barely 5 months later, and I am telling myself I wish I had added it sooner.You might be wondering
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There is no doubt Facebook dominates the social networking world. One can't help wondering if they are taking a bite out of smaller competing websites traffic. Just how big that bite happens to be remains a good question that would be difficult to answer. I can o
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It is difficult to compare Boonex Dolphin to Wordpress. Dolphin is more for social networking and dating types of sites, and Wordpress is a blogging platform. Obviously both can be used for a variety of other types of websites if you want to spend some time making
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We have all probably seen the famous Tweet button just about everywhere by now. But, what we haven't seen so much is the Twitter Follow button.If you are trying to increase your Twitter followers you might want to add the Follow button. Similar to the Tweet button
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Recently I read a post at a site I belong to about how much time this person spends working on their web site and promoting it. They went on to say they spend between 2 and 4 hours per day. They did not say how many days a week they do this, but it seemed like the
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How lucky can you get...This past Sunday I was working on something when the server - hosting started acting up. So I put in an email and get the expected response: "We'll check on this and update you shortly." Since there really isn't much I can do, but wait for
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I keep seeing more and more cloud hosting and online storage companies and services popping up and becoming more popular.I have seen a big push towards online cloud storage. Many offering 2-5 GB's of storage from free to fairly cheap. How or why some companies wil
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Technology never ceases to amaze me. The things we have and can do now that would have been almost impossible just a few years ago is truly amazing.If you thought Google Maps and Google Earth was cool check this out...The world's first 111 giga-pixel panoramic ima
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Cloudflare is a service that can help reduce attacks, bots, spam, and that kind of thing before it even reaches your site or server. And, it can be used with any type of website whether you use Dolphin or something else. It will even work with standard shared host
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