Is it possible to get a decent VPS for a reasonable or affordable price? That's a good question, and that may depend on your definition of affordable.Notice I didn't use good and cheap in the same sentence. I have a difficult time coming to a conclusion that somet
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Have you ever noticed something someone posted had a non-standard character in it? Maybe the headline, title, or even simply a comment. Sometimes you can just copy and paste that character, other times copy and paste just won't work.Perhaps you have noticed someon
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There is no doubt that the microblogging site Twitter is one of the hottest sites out there right now. Even the non-internet or less than average internet user has probably heard of Twitter by now.One of the things that makes Twitter so popular is its simplicity.
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Once again Twitter makes headlines. This time a Ddos attack. Just a few weeks ago someone was able to gain access to Twitter and get a number of private documents including financial data. This brings up the question just how safe is Twitter. Certainly the more po
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Firefox 3.5 finally came out of Beta and is now an official release. I suspect we will see some updates over the next several weeks as things are fine tuned and polished a little more.It does promise and deliver many new features which range from security enhancem
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I'm not sure what you all use for image editing and graphic design. Most of us have probably heard of Adobe Photoshop. If you can actually figure out Photoshops complex features and have an extra $700-$1000 for it, a great alternative is Gimp.Gimp has many similar
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