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Is it just me or is Paypal's fees outrageous? I know there is some kind of processing fee involved to transfer money and they need to pay a lot of employees. How much do they make per hour or even per minute from fees? It has to be a huge number. The standard rat
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For a while when Myspace was more popular everyone wanted their Dolphin site to look like and have similar features as Myspace. Now along comes the Facebook popularity and the same thing happens. Everyone wants Facebook like features, design, layout, you name it.
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Why do people keep using gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol, or other national email addresses for their website contact info?I know they are popular and convenient along with plenty of storage space and all that good stuff. They are fine and dandy for personal and many o
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Remember when you thought email was the coolest thing invented? Well it is still pretty cool, and most of us couldn't live without it. However, we could probably live without all the spam junk mail. Every time you join a site or sign up for something one of the fi
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One feature I'd really like to see in Dolphin would be related to memberships. I would really like to have the ability to automatically allow and approve blogs, photos, whatever for say membership type/name pro. Standard member could submit a blog, photo, etc. but
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What will the next big site or thing be? Will there even be one?We already have 3 major search engines...Google, Yahoo, and MSN (& MSN's I don't think it would be wise for someone to try and compete with these 3 huge players.We have a numbe
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I got hooked on the internet and technology early on when it was beginning to boom. I don't know how many others did as well. I was just thinking back to when I first started playing around with it. I want to say the year must have been somewhere around 1995-1998.
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I have playing around with a few things and I have been visiting a lot of sites lately. Some of the sites I have visited were noticeably slow loading. More like extremely slow!! Yes extremely slow...and yes I do have a decent high speed connection.Not only did the
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I think we are all more than familiar with "Captcha" by now. You know the twisted text, numbers and symbols we are supposed to enter when registering at a site. We see this in our Dolphin site on our Join page and Contact page. We see it at almost every site we wa
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If you haven't noticed I recently made a pretty big design and layout change. This was one of the things I've been meaning to do for a long time. I had been putting it off and figured I should just do it and get it out of the way.If you are new to the site, then y
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