For as long as I can remember the Boonex Dolphin Technical Requirements Page ( has stated under the Server Requirements for Media Streaming section that you should allow at least 15 KB/sec for media streaming for eac
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This module will allow you to make changes to various pages with the easy to use TinyMCE editor instead of editing language keys. It is compatible with Boonex Dolphin Version 7.1.x only.If you are looking for a version that works with 7.0.x, then please see this p
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This Module allows you to add new members directly in your Administration panel. It is compatible with both Version 7.0.x and 7.1.x.This is a FREE download for members of this site. Simply sign-up and join Click the confirmation email to verify and fin
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After several long months of development, programming, and a great deal of testing dAMP 4.0 is finally here. This latest version introduces several new features along with simplified settings/options in the control panel.If you are not familiar with what dAMP is,
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Today I bring you dAMP (Dolphin, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and dXMP (Dolphin, NginX, MySQL, PHP) version 3.2.0. This new release includes new features, updated server software, visual enhancements, and various tweaks.I have been working on this one for quite a while now
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While I continue working on and making final adjustments to the next major update and release of dAMP I decided to release a version with NginX web server.It is currently available only in 32 bit format, but it should work on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.You can
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Today we are unleashing dAMP 3.1.0, which includes many new features, enhancements, tweaks, and much more. This one took a lot of thought, programming, and testing to complete.Before we get into what's new we would like to point out that this new version has a sma
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One of the major drawbacks with Dolphin is it doesn't score well in the SEO department. A few years back it had almost none, but even with the current Dolphin 7.1.x version SEO is barely noticeable when compared to many other CMS platforms. Don't get me wrong I lo
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As a long time Dolphin user I watched it grow from a very small and simple script to something much bigger and complex over the years. It used to be fairly light weight and it would run well on most hosting platforms even limited shared hosting.It grew and grew, a
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I was playing around with the Dolphin 7.0.9 to 7.1.0 upgrade .zip file recently, which you can read about here:, download in Step 4 from the link above.After downloading the .zip file I happened to notice that
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