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Your website email address

Awhile back I wrote about email addresses people use for their website. Whether it be an automated sign up/join, confirmation, general contact, or whatever.

Email Addresses and Your Site

I see more and more sites using 3rd party email address like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

Are people that hooked on these national or worldly email providers that they won't personalize an email address for their website? Are people just to lazy to do so? Or is it too technical or difficult for them? I can't image it being too complicated to set up.

Gmail, yahoo, hotmail and that type of thing is fine and dandy for your family and friends. But, if you are creating a website you should really think about being as professional as possible.

Although contact-sitename (at) gmail . com or similar may look and sound OK it really isn't professional. It would be much more professional to use contact (at) yoursite . com, webmaster (at) yoursite .com, or even johndoe (at) rather than using something like gmail.

On top of that using something like gmail to send email for your dolphin website will be much more likely to land in the recipients spam/junk folder. And, they may not receive it at all because it may be blocked or tossed out completely.

It's funny some people will spend hours on website design, layout, and modifications, but they don't take 5 mins (or less) to create a simple email address for their domain.

If you have a simple hobby website or your script doesn't have any automated email or contact forms you might not bother. But, if you intend to create a professional or business website you really should spend a couple extra minutes of your time to do so.

Here is simple tutorial how to add or create a simple email address for your domain with the popular cpanel web hosting control panel:
How to create an email address with cpanel

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05.20.2011 (4154 days ago)
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