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Wordpress Blog Popularity

I don't know if everyone is familiar with Wordpress or not. It's basically a blog script similar to Google's blogspot.

It seems as though everyone and their uncle has a blog site these days. Enter the world of Wordpress.

Although I haven't had time to actually install it, I decided to look into it just for the heck of it. I wanted to know why it is so popular. What I could do with it, and what it has to offer.

One thing I quickly learned about Wordpress is it is simple to install. What I read is that aside from creating an initial database it has a simple click installer. The folder structure is almost nothing compared to Dolphin. You will only find a few folders in Wordpress.

Wordpress has a ton of FREE templates and plug-ins available for it, something Dolphin can't compare to in terms of the price.

So my best guess is the simplicity of the install and overall maintenance and control panel combined with all the Free extra's available help make it so popular.



  • My Wordpress observations and likes:

Wordpress has integrated the same tiny_mce editor we use here in Dolphin to type our posts. However, it is a stripped down version of tiny_mce us Dolphin users are used to seeing. Meaning not all the plug-ins we see in our Dolphin tiny_mce editor are available in Wordpress.

I also learned that Google and Yahoo love Wordpress. They almost gobble up a Wordpress blog as soon as one is posted. I watched a video demostration how someone posted a blog with their Wordpress site and within 10-15 minutes Google had indexed it. No kidding! They probably had a relatively popular site but that was pretty impressive none the least.

I dropped by Wordpress's forums and asked a couple of questions for the heck of it. I asked about how easy it was to change the layout, design, or template. Does Google like a sub-domain or sub-folder location for indexing or I read a lot about security issues with Wordpress and wondered if anyone could comment on it. And finally I threw in a little technical question...If my host has php compiled as apache module would any files or folders get 99'd during installation.

Most were answered fairly fast, but nobody could answer the question about whether anything would be affected with php as apache. I was told it was over their head. At least they were honest!

I do like the idea of all the plug-ins and templates available from the Wordpress site to download for free.

Many Wordpress sites actually had decent Google Pagerank's. I'm not sure how some of these sites were able to attain the rank they had, considering most of these sites were so simple. More sites, then I could count had a Google Pagerank of 1-2. Plenty could be found between 3-5, a few with a 6-7, and even a couple of 8's are out there. I thought this was pretty impressive for a simple blog site rambling on about their life or what was on their mind. Go figure, maybe I need to ramble on more often than I do!!

You won't find big Wordpress links, logo's and other references to the Wordpress web site like you do in the Free version of Dolphin linking back to Boonex. 



  • My Wordpress Dislikes:

What I don't like about Wordpress based on what I've seen is almost all Wordpress sites look the same or nearly the same. I didn't really come across one that really wow'ed me any more than the rest. We could probably say this about Dolphin too, unless someone heavily customized the layout. So this might depend on how motivated they are to make their site nice and pretty.

I don't like the limitation of just blogging, but that is what Wordpress is made for.



  • Bottom line:

So my conclusion is Wordpress is most likely for the beginner or person lacking some of the more complicated web site administration and maintenance.

Since most of these Wordpress users seem to be unaware of how hosting works, I would be willing to bet that they really don't know much about making their site more secure. I would suspect with some simple .htaccess modifications they could do away with most of the security issues I have read about.

Wordpress does put out updates and patches often. This would indicated that they do actively develop and work on their software.

I also like how Google and Yahoo index these sites so fast.

If you are coming from Wordpress to Dolphin do not expect it to be as simple as what you are used to doing with your Wordpress site.

If you do not know much about web hosting and you are just getting started consider trying Wordpress. You might learn a little about hosting and how things work first. Once you get good at it and hunger for more, then jump into Dolphin.

If you have a basic understanding of web hosting you might be alright with Dolphin. If you are willing to learn and have time and patience Dolphin will probably still work for you. If you do not have time or patience consider Wordpress as a good starting point.

Wordpress would make a nice addition to a Dolphin site for your own personal blog or similar. You could potentially link the two and use them in combination to help raise your Google Pagerank and increase traffic all at the same time. But with that comes more time and maintenance which some people just don't have, but it is a thought.

Wordpress don't even compare to what Dolphin has to offer, but again its purpose is for blogging. It wasn't made to have all the fancy bells and whistle's Dolphin has to offer.

By the way Google Pagerank is 8 and is a 9.

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10.31.2008 (4992 days ago)
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