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Windows 7 Upgrade or New Computer

By now you are probably aware that Microsoft recently released their new Windows operating system "Windows 7". In fact, it's almost hard to have not heard about it yet. It's all over TV commercials, in newspaper ads, and the internet.


Windows 7


Windows 7 is often referred to as Vista done right.

Windows Vista was released around 2 years ago. At the time I was following the release and reading reviews. After so many negative reviews and postings, I like many other people decided not to upgrade or buy a new computer with Vista.

A rather large and unexpected Windows user base did the same thing I did, stuck with Windows XP which has proven itself solid and stable.

This time around Microsoft promises or at least claims to have fixed many of Vista's problems in Windows 7.

Windows XP has been out for around 8 years now. I think Microsoft is hoping that Windows XP users will finally take the plunge and either upgrade to Windows 7 or buy a new computer with it installed.

One of the drawbacks of upgrading from Windows xP to Windows 7 is Microsoft didn't exactly make this process easy. Some programs will have to be removed and reinstalled. Others may not work at all. So far, compatibility does seem to be very promising.

The price of upgrading isn't exactly cheap and starts at $120 and goes up from there.

Windows 7 also requires a little more cpu power and ram then XP.

If you are thinking about upgrading your XP computer to windows 7 make sure you have enough cpu power and plenty of ram. Otherwise, at the price of the upgrade you might be better off spending a little more money and just get a new computer.

You can get a decent desktop tower for $300-$500 with Windows 7 Premium already installed. If your computer is a number of years old you will probably get more cpu power, ram, hard drive space, and much more to go along it.

If you are a heavy-duty gamer, run cpu and memory intense applications or programs then you may need to spend a little more. But for the average home user a $300-$500 price tag new computer with Windows 7 should last you for years.

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11.10.2009 (4707 days ago)
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