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I spent a little spare time browsing some forums and blogs at unity and boonex recently. The more I look around and read some posts the more I begin to wonder if many problems might be attributed to editing files that shouldn't be edited. Or maybe even improper editing of files. I have read mention of frontpage extensions to make make changes and edit files. This would be one of the last things I would use to edit a file on my site. Not only does it like to change code it tends to even add non-standard code. The best practice for editing code is to use a text editor that will not change code or alter pages. For some this seems a little difficult, but your chances of messing something up will be much lower risk. Always backup the original file before editing, and it's good practice to download a database backup too.

Dolphin does work decent providing a suitable host is used. There are a few minor things here and there, but for the most part everything works upon a standard default install. I am kind of leaning towards the whole idea of things breaking, things stop working, or doing other crazy things could be due to all the custom editing going on.

I read about how many want to change all kinds of things, yet they are not sure how to change a few of the more basics available in the admin panel. I know it's exciting and all, but I might slow down a little. Figure out the admin panel and how things work. Learn where files and folders are, learn about the database and do some serious reading first. Don't jump into something and start pasting code into your site that your not sure about. Take your time and understand it first. If you're not sure ask there is usually someone in the boonex forums that will have a answer, tip, or suggestion for you.

You might spend countless hours building your site, and with one little boo boo you can mess it up in 1 second. Some boo boo's are fixable fairly easy, while others not so easy and may be very time consuming.

I don't mean to discourage anyone or anything. Just take your time, slow down, read up on it thoroughly and know what it means and what you are up against before jumping into anything.

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09.04.2008 (5139 days ago)
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