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The world's 111 giga-pixel panoramic image

Technology never ceases to amaze me. The things we have and can do now that would have been almost impossible just a few years ago is truly amazing.

If you thought Google Maps and Google Earth was cool check this out...

The world's first 111 giga-pixel panoramic image

Explore the interactive panoramic photo of Seville Spain, which is 111 thousand million pixels (111 Gigapixels). Check out some of the pre-defined locations or explore your own.

Zoom in and you will see the resolution and detail is unbelievable.

Although the interactive panoramic photo consists of nearly 10,000 photos and not satellite imagery it does make me wonder if government and military agencies have anything like this.

The site says if you were to print out the image it would be more than two football stadiums in size.

If this is any indication of what we might expect in the future I find it a bit creepy.

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05.19.2011 (4155 days ago)
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