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The new Google +1 button

Google recently released their +1 button and the website owner and webmaster world seems to be buzzing. It is sort of Google's version of the Facebook Like button. Who would have thought that a simple little button would cause such a stir.

I knew it was coming and wrote about it around 2 months ago here:
Google Search +1 button

I personally am not a big fan of all these share types of buttons. Not that I don't share a few things, it's just websites and pages are getting cluttered with too many of these buttons. I don't mind a couple, but when a page has tons of them it becomes annoying. When I see more of these share buttons then content I figure why would I want to take the time to share a page with a couple of sentences.

I added the Google +1 button to my Dolphin Tutorials and Blogs in a html block. I will keep it there for the time being and see what becomes of it. I can live with or without it, but since the webmaster world is all worked up about it I thought I would add it.

If you are interested in adding a Google +1 button to your Dolphin 7 website or pages you can check out this recent Dolphin Tutorial I posted here:
Add Google +1 Button to Dolphin 7

It is pretty simple and only involves adding 2 very small lines of code to your website. 1 line of code in the header and 1 line of code on the page you want the +1 button to appear on.

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06.03.2011 (4141 days ago)
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