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The Status of Boonex Dolphin 7

I wonder what The Status of Boonex Dolphin 7 is?

Is it just me or has it been more than a couple of weeks since Boonex announced Dolphin 7 was on it's way? It almost seems like it is nearing a month now. Not that I am in any kind of hurry to upgrade without some major testing. Maybe they are actually taking more time to test this one out this time around. I honestly hope this is the case.

Another thing I have been thinking about is how does Boonex come up with the numbering system? Does Dolphin 7 sound better than Dolphin 6.2?

I remember looking at Dolphin 5.4 and 5.5 quite a while ago now. I did install Dolphin 5.6 and actually dig into it. Then, one day along comes Dolphin 6.0, nothing in between. I have to admit version 6 was more appealing at the time. I am thinking this might be the case now too. 7.0 sounds better than 6.2 providing there are a number of new features that would make it more distinct and unique than 6x.

Who knows I am just rambling on here. I am wondering if it will be released this week sometime as a sort of Christmas present which would be convenient. Otherwise, since the year is almost over it would also make sense to start a fresh at the turn of the year.

Aside from that I am still following the Google PageRank update that should be happening real soon now. The popular forum sites seem to be flooding with talk about this the past week.

I have done some promoting and testing the last month or so and I am a little curious to whether this makes an impact on my Google PageRank or not. I was hitting it pretty hard for a while, but I haven't had as much time to continue at the same pace lately. I really don't have that much time to spend on this solely. At the moment I am a little burned out on trying to raise my Google PageRank. I will take what they give me increase, decrease, or stay the same. If I happen to come across an opportunity that could help my pagerank, then I will certainly take advantage of it. I just haven't had the time to seek them out and hunt them down.

So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for an increase.

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12.22.2008 (5033 days ago)
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