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The Next Big Site

What will the next big site or thing be? Will there even be one?

We already have 3 major search engines...Google, Yahoo, and MSN (& MSN's I don't think it would be wise for someone to try and compete with these 3 huge players.

We have a number of social networking sites. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and tons of other small to medium sized sites. A new site might find it difficult to compete with these. Tons of smaller scale social networking sites out there. How many more do we actually need?

We have so many social bookmarking sites I've actually lost count now.

We have plenty of internet providers, email providers, cell phone, cable TV, voip, etc...etc.

I don't rule anything out, but unless someone comes up with something totally unique and different, I don't really see something new and exciting that will just blow everyone away happening.

Most new sites I've seen recently, I would almost consider spin offs or similar to the really big already established sites. I haven't seen anything that has really caught my attention for quite some time now.

Just to remotely compete with most of these already established sites and companies would require substantial financial backing of some kind. Not to mention a staff of highly educated programmers and developers.

So I guess only time will tell. Who, what, and if there will be a next big site! I have a feeling there will be one, but when and what will it be!

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08.11.2009 (4801 days ago)
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