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The New Google Webmaster Tools

I'm not sure how many of you use and follow Google's Webmaster Tools. Recently they updated the features, style and layout I guess you could call it. For weeks prior to this, we had a little link we could click on in the top of our account to read about the new features. Now it seems Google has updated to the new Webmaster Tools when you login.

Ever since they updated the Webmaster Tools my sitemap I have submitted in Google Webmaster Tools is doing some very odd and unusual things. Prior to this new update I had no issues. Normally when you check your sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools you will see how many url's are in your sitemap, and how many of those url's Google has indexed. This also helps Google find and index your link's faster some would say. It also tells you the last time Google downloaded your sitemap. So I figure hey why not right.

Well recently after the update now my url's in my sitemap as well as the number Google has index totally disappear from the stats. All it says is last downloaded on some date. Since there is the convenient option of resubmitting with a simple click I do this. Within 5 minutes it tells me the number of url's in my sitemap, and the number Google has indexed again.

I check back in a day or two, and same thing they are all gone again. I resubmit and 5 minutes later they are all back. I have been doing this every day or two for several days now. I am getting somewhat annoyed with having to login and resubmit this so often. Prior to the update/upgrade I had absolutely no issue with this at all since originally setting up my account.

I did do a little searching and have found a number of people complaining about sitemaps, but also about their sites dropping Google's search results in general. This is hard to pin point and say it's totally related, but there seems to be a lot of complaints and problems since they implemented this new Webmaster Tools thing.

If any of you have and use Google's Webmaster Tools, you might check out the sitemap area of your account for a few days and see if you have any similar issues.

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06.15.2009 (4855 days ago)
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