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The Annoying Captcha Registraion Code

I think we are all more than familiar with "Captcha" by now. You know the twisted text, numbers and symbols we are supposed to enter when registering at a site. We see this in our Dolphin site on our Join page and Contact page. We see it at almost every site we want to join.

Now I am wondering if it is just me or everyone else...But can you actually make these out? I mean can you actually see them and enter them correctly each and every time?

I don't know how many times I enter all my details and information, some of which can be lengthy I might add. Then, I get to the captcha code which I can barely make out. I have had terrible luck seeing these characters lately. Then, I try to go back or re-enter the info and I end up loosing everything I had typed and have to start all over.

I understand the concept and how captcha is to prevent spam and automatic scripts from joining and posting things, but do they really need to be that difficult to see? Maybe I just have my screen resolution set so the characters are too small. Some of these I wonder if color blind people can actually see or have an even tougher time than I do.

I have come across a few that ask you what 3 + 7 is? These ones I can handle. They are random generated so bots can't guess the number either. However, this could bring up issues for some people and younger kids that don't know how to add. Maybe it's a no win scenario. I would just like to see a captcha that I could actually make out so I don't have to try to register 3 times and have to re-typing all my info!!

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11.14.2008 (5073 days ago)
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