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Spam Junk Mail

Remember when you thought email was the coolest thing invented? Well it is still pretty cool, and most of us couldn't live without it. However, we could probably live without all the spam junk mail. Every time you join a site or sign up for something one of the first things you are asked is what your email address is. I just wonder what some sites do with your email address. Are they sharing it, or selling it to some marketing company or program.

Then there is the friend that loves to fill your inbox with forwards. Even though a forward may come from someone you know, I still consider most of them junk and borderline spam. I barely have enough time to check and read my regular email. I just don't have time to go through a bunch of forwards that are usually not worth the time to find 1 out of 100 that might interest me. I certainly do not pass them on or forward them to others. Have you ever noticed all those email addresses at the top of a forward? Do you really want your email passed around every time it gets forwarded? Who knows where it might go, and to what inbox it might end up in. I really do not want my email address passed around like this. Why do people forward so many messages? Probably because it's so easy. I really think the default setting for forwards should be to use BCC rather than CC. Not that a BCC is a perfect solution either. Or at the very least a window should open and prompt you to choose between BCC or CC and a brief explanation what the difference is. There really should be a little more privacy options when forwarding email.

Anyway what I am getting at I guess is that I get too much junk mail every day. I have no idea where it all comes from or how they found my address. Sometimes it seems to be some kind of marketing campaign because I will get the same message in my other email address accounts. Other times it's just some random junk like you won some lottery. I can't even count how many times I got an email that said I won something. How can you win something if you never entered!

Email spam and junk filtering has got to be one of the most difficult things to make work. Actually I don't think there is a perfect setting that would work 100%. I have tried so many different configurations now. It either lets too many junk messages into my inbox, or it prevents many from coming through that I do actually want. Oh well I guess it gives me something to waste an hour or more per day!

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12.14.2009 (4677 days ago)
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