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Registering a Domain Name with Your Host

I have noticed a lot of hosting companies are giving new customers a free domain name with their hosting packages. At first thought it sounds like a good deal. After all everyone likes something for free.

But, the more I think about it the more I begin to wonder about it. I would have serious questions about the free domain before I jump into it. Mostly regarding ownership of the domain name in question. Who will be the registered owner? Will it be me? Or the hosting company? Will I be able to transfer it out to another company later? Will there be a fee to do so?

Not to say that they are all out to pull a fast one on you. Just saying that there are questions and concerns that should be addressed before jumping into a free domain deal.

If a host requires you to either register your domain name with them, or insists that you must transfer your domain name to them don't do it. If they are not willing to sell you hosting and allow you to simply change your dns with your current register, then I would find another hosting company. There are plenty of others that will.

After doing a little research, and reading up on some of these free domain or free domain for life offers I found numerous issues and complaints when trying to move to a new hosting company or register.

When you buy Hosting with a Free Domain Name / Domian Name Forever, ask who owns the domain name you should always be listed as the administrative contact. The web host should pay your domain fee, not try to steal your domain name.

Most hosting companies that sell or provide free domain names are usually resellers themselves. A sort of middle man for another company or registar.

Consider registering a domain name with a national or global domain register instead. That way if you ever want to move to another host, all you have to do is login to your domain name register and update/change the dns.

You virtually eliminate any hassle that might arise between you and your host regarding your domain name. You will have much more control, and as long as you keep your annual domain name registration renewal paid up you don't have to worry about losing control of your domain.

Domain name registration is a very competitive market. You can find a domain name for $8-$15 per year, and you can usually find a coupon or promotion that will reduce the price to more in the $5-$10 per year range.

So why mess with registering your domain through a hosting company even if it is free. It's just not worth losing your domain name to save $5-$15 per year.

Here is a list of some popular domain name registers:
-Very popular, reasonable prices, they almost always have a promo or coupon available.
-Drawbacks = Lots of up-selling. They try to sell you all kinds of additional things. The check out and control panel can be confusing.
-Very popular, reasonable prices, they too usually have a promo or coupon. Fairly easy to use account and control panel.
-Another popular domain name register. Coupons and promos can usually be found. Very simple, easy to use and understand checkout and control panel.
-A popular domain name register. Sometimes coupons can be found. Easy to use and understand control panel.
-A popular domain name register with competitive prices. Sometimes coupons and promos are available.
- Another popular register. Easy to understand and use. Coupons can sometimes be found. Competitive prices.

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12.16.2010 (4306 days ago)
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