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Other FREE Resources for Dolphin

The past couple of months I have been following a group of other non-Dolphin sites that have been providing a wealth of useful tips, information, and resources. The number of things out there that can be used either with your Dolphin site or to benefit it is simply amazing. Most of which are totally free and we all like the free word.

The problem is keeping up with all these things. Every day there are tons of services I would love to test out, but there are just too many of them to check out thoroughly. Trying to keep up with each and every new product, site, or what have you is a chore in itself. Sometimes I come across a site that has a really good idea and one that I can actually use with Dolphin too. Then, when I get a little spare time to actually check it out trying to find the thing again is another story.

We see mods, modules, templates, and such over at Boonex Unity all the time. There are a lot of really helpful topics in the Boonex Forums, but keeping up with all of them can be difficult too. Sure you can flag or subscribe to a topic, but trying to manage 100+ topics and threads isn't the easiest thing.

Most of what you see and find at Boonex is obviously for Dolphin. There are a few topics and discussions about using other products and services with Dolphin, but not that many.

There aren't many mods or modules posted in the Boonex Market for free anymore. I see a free template now and then, but these are slim picking. Not that I have anything against paid mods or modules.

When I get a chance I am hoping to post a few non-Dolphin resources and services that you can use with your Dolphin site or just about any other type of site you may have.

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02.29.2012 (3869 days ago)
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