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Optimize Your Site

If your site is totally private or mostly private, where someone needs to sign up or join your site to gain access to your content, you might think about optimizing what you have to work with.

You are going to need to optimize your homepage. Title, description, lots of descriptive text with keywords. Avoid big images, or a lot of images. You can add description and keywords to image with alt="keyword or keyphrase", but you won't get nearly the results as you would with straight up text. Instead of pictures or images with text description in the image, it would be better to have standard text so google and other search engines can actually read it. Search engines love text.

With a private or mostly private site you might consider adding a few pages that are publicly visible. Maybe a 3 to 5 page tour or additional information/description about your site. Make them descriptive and keyword/keyphrase rich. That will at least give the search engines a few more pages to crawl and index.

All them fancy graphics, images, flash based intro's and things look nice, but they usually do more harm than good when it comes to search engines.

A lot of times a simple designed site that has good text and descriptions will out do a site that uses a lot of fancy flash and other graphics. Not to mention some of them take a while to load and tend to slow down a users browsing experience.

I am still working on a set of tutorials for search engine optimization. I have been busy working on a number of projects. With summer winding down, things should slow down a bit and allow more time for Boonex Dolphin things.

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09.26.2010 (4391 days ago)
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