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New Version of Google Search Launching Soon

Maybe you haven't heard of Google Caffeine, it was there for months at Google's Sandbox. It looked the same as the normal Google Search we are all used to by now. So what is the big deal then right? Well when you visit Google Caffeine now you get this message:

Google Caffeine Sandbox


We appreciate all the feedback from people who searched on our Caffeine sandbox.

Based on the success we've seen, we believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon we will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center. This sandbox is no longer necessary and has been retired, but we appreciate the testing and positive input that webmasters and publishers have given.

As it says: "we believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon we will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center."

Which seems to imply that the process of updating Google Search to the new Caffeine might be happening soon.

When Google was testing this you could go to the Google Sandbox and type in a search term just like you do now on the normal Google site. It returned a slightly different set of results than the regular Google Search. You would see a few sites rank better or worse. They were kind of flip flopping depending on what you were searching for.

The other thing that Google Caffeine did was the actual search result was returned much faster with more results. Some say Caffeine is Google's attempt to stomp Bing's recent popularity.

It is unclear whether your site or pages will rank better, worse, or stay somewhere near the same. Some are suggesting that Caffeine will make it much more difficult to rank well in a search result, and to maintain it. Nobody knows for sure until it goes live on Google's main page and we can really see what happens over time.

At any rate once Google begins rolling out the Caffeine update to its datacenter's the fun begins!

If you haven't heard about Google Caffeine do a search for it. There have been tons of interesting posts over the past few months about it.

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11.11.2009 (4706 days ago)
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