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New Google Caffeine

New Google Caffeine

For those of you that may not be aware Google is testing a new upgraded and tweaked version of its search engine. Everyone is referring to it as code name Caffeine. It has been available for testing online for a while now. Google promises Caffeine will be much speedier and accurate. So far, it appears to rely more heavily on keywords to produce results than what we are used to with the current Google search.

You can test out Google Caffeine yourself here:

Try a search on the standard Google site at:

And compare the differences in speed, number of results, and which sites appear. You should notice some obvious difference. I am sure Google is still testing and tweaking the algorithm.

This site claims to show you the search results of the current Google and Caffeine side by side. I haven't only tried it a few times. If it is indeed accurate the results are definitely apparent here too.

If you haven't heard about the new Google, simply do a Google Search for Google Caffeine and you will get plenty of discussions.

It should be interesting when Google finally completes testing and finalizes it!

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10.01.2009 (4751 days ago)
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