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My Dolphin 7 Upgrades and Changes

After putting off upgrading this Dolphin 7 site for longer than I probably should have I finally gave in and went for it. Upgrading can be a little time-consuming and tedious depending on how many you need to do. The main reason I have been putting it off it because I knew I would need to reapply and update a number of other things in the process. Mainly .css and a few minor code/modifications.

So this past weekend, the long Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend I decided to start working on it. I figured as long as I was at it I would change the template too. I am not sure that I like it or not yet. It seems a little bright, but I was getting tired of the old dark theme. I know people have better luck with brighter easier to read templates and themes. I just don't know if this one is too bright or not. I may have a few more tweaks and adjustments to make in the coming weeks if or when I come across something I might have missed in the process. One thing about Dolphin 7 is there are so many different parts and areas to a site you sometimes don't notice something right away.

The upgrade did reset a few of my language keys for some reason, which I wasn't expecting. So it created a little more work than I was anticipating. I had to manually change quite a few language keys and it is possible that I haven't noticed some of them yet. Not a big deal, but more time and work, then I would have liked.

Boonex also made changes to the Orca Forum so you will need to copy some files from the /modules/boonex/forum/layout/uni/ to your template name /modules/boonex/forum/layout/template-name/
You are basically after or copying XSL files from the uni folder or directory to your template name. After doing so, you will want to recompile the Orca Forum Language for the changes to take effect. You can read more about it in this Boonex Forum post by Alex T:
Upgrade problems from 7.0.7 to 7.0.8

On top of that Boonex apparently forgot:
We forgot to include SQL for version changing for the following modules:

These don't affect this site, but you can read about it in the forum above too. They aren't clear if the upgrade does now include the fix for these modules, or if you still need to apply the sql query. I wish they would be more clear about that.

I also had to make a new logo for the homepage to fit this template. Then, I had to change the .css files for my Wordpress Blog and Support Ticket System to look more like and resemble the colors that this Dolphin 7 template uses. So basically even more time involved. They don't match and integrate perfectly, but at least they look similar.

I may change the template, theme, style and overall look of everything yet, but working on this off and on over the past 4 days or so now I am at least going to use it for the time-being.

Hopefully this upgrade and all these changes will last me awhile. I don't look forward to spending so much time upgrading and doing it all again any time soon.

For those of that need to upgrade and have been thinking about doing take your time and make sure you download and backup both your database and files before jumping into it. Make sure you set aside enough time in case things don't work out like you were expecting or hoping for.

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12.01.2011 (3961 days ago)
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