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Microsoft puts Firefox users at risk

I have been a strong supporter of Firefox for years, and it has been my preferred choice when it comes to browsers. Not only for better security than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but the number of Free Addon's available for Firefox just can't be matched by any other browser out there.

The thing that always catches my attention is I am constantly hearing about some exploit or security hole that almost always affects Internet Explorer, but not Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer and there is a new security hole, threat, or exploit all you can do is wait for Microsoft to release an update. Sometimes they are prompt, other times it takes weeks. I don't like waiting weeks for a security patch. Because of this alone I rarely use Internet Explorer. In fact, the only time I really use it is to make sure a site looks reasonably well in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, since they sometimes behave slightly different when you are comparing design and layout.

Well now apparently Microsoft had slipped an add-on into Firefox last February, which can create some vulnerabilities. It has to do with .NET Framework. Microsoft has released a patch to correct the problem, but they simply tell Firefox users that they should just uninstall the component if they can't successfully install the update. It once again affects users running any version of IE, including IE8.

So again Microsoft prove to us how terrible there Internet Explorer line of software really is, but they have also taken it one step further by creating security issues for Firefox directly related to their poorly coded .NET Framework.

I thought these guys were some of the smartest people and programmers in the world. Why are we all so dependent on Microsoft, and why do we put up with all the security holes in their software?

Further Reading at Computer World:
Sneaky Microsoft plug-in puts Firefox users at risk

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10.19.2009 (4640 days ago)
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