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Membership Permission Levels

One feature I'd really like to see in Dolphin would be related to memberships. I would really like to have the ability to automatically allow and approve blogs, photos, whatever for say membership type/name pro. Standard member could submit a blog, photo, etc. but it has to be manually approved and allowed by the admin. A sort of way to weed out some of the spam posts. Once a Standard member submits a couple of these and shows that their intention is not to spam, then they could be moved up to the next level of membership Pro for example. From then on each time they submit something it is auto-approved and allowed. Should they start posting spam or less than desired material, they could either be warned or simply moved back to Standard membership where it would no longer be automatic.

Now I don't really like going through a bunch of posts spending hours per day reading all of these and manually approving them, but it's no fun removing a bunch either.

Perhaps a member could have Pro membership to begin with where they are allowed automatic approval of things they post. Should they post something unacceptable, then move them to Standard.

Something along those lines. Dolphin membership levels need some serious alterations to help combat spam and unwanted posts. It's never going to stop it all, but anything that can reduce it would be more than helpful.

Currently the only thing I can think of to do would be to allow a new member auto-approval of posts, then drop them back to a membership without auto-approval should they engage in spam type of posts. At least in Dolphin 6.1x versions. For membership types to "Use Blog", "Use Forum", "Use Chat", etc. is very vague. There should be additional restrictions for each.

I haven't had as much time as I would like to test every single feature, module, and every possible scenario I can think of in Dolphin 7 yet, but it's still early as it is still in RC2 release. Something to play around within Dolphin 7 soon. That will be a project for another day.

I have a bunch of things I've been meaning to test and try in Dolphin 7 I can hopefully get to soon.

Just a few thoughts and ramblings for today.

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12.05.2009 (4686 days ago)
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