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MY Dolphin Pro and UNA Ramblings

As I have mentioned in previous posts since this website is primarily about Dolphin I will stick to tutorials that revolve around Dolphin.

It's very possible that I may end up writing some for UNA down the road, but I feel like that will be a while yet.

UNA needs to have a solid stable release, and a big majority of the help topics need to be reduced substantially before I would even consider it.

To me Dolphin is confusing enough for the average user and administrator for that matter. It's definitely not the easiest CMS (Content Management System) out there.

UNA is even more difficult and confusing than Dolphin is in my opinion. For both the administrator trying to run a website, and the average user / visitor for that matter too.

It's just too much in my opinion trying to figure out all the features, settings, options, you name it. I am sure some people find all that appealing, but not me. Nor will the average user find it very easy to use.

My favorite CMS for simplicity and ease of use is still WordPress. Rip on it all you want, but it certainly is much easier to figure out and use for both the owner/administrator and average visitor.

It's like Boonex focuses on more is better rather than simplicity and easy to use. I wish they would spend more time on that rather than adding more and more all the time.

Have you checked the download / extraction size of UNA lately? It's something like 400 to 600 MBs in size now. Wow! That's a very large CMS or whatever they are referring to it now. It's just crazy how big it is now.

I still prefer Dolphin Pro and hope they don't abandon it completely. That's probably because I have been using in so long that it has grown on me a lot. I still wouldn't say it's perfect because it's not, but it's more user-friendly than UNA is by far.

Had I known that Boonex was going to increase the price of Dolphin Pro so much I would have spent more time with WordPress (FREE). But, what do you do? I had no way of knowing that was going to happen. Each time they raised the price I lost more visitors and people that were interested in it. Now in 2019 the price has pushed most people away to something else, which is unfortunate really. Boonex at one point had a good thing going for them. Now they seem to be more focused on UNA than Dolphin.

I think us old Dolphin fans are a dying breed of users, developers, and programmers that just aren't as interested in UNA as we are with Dolphin.

I really don't see Boonex actively developing both Dolphin Pro and UNA at the same time for very long. It has to be tons of work to do both. Unfortunately UNA seems to be their new toy and baby for the time-being.

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05.03.2019 (1251 days ago)
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