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Internet Explorer 9 Released

Microsoft recently released or put out Internet Explorer 9 stable or final version whatever you want to call it. There were a number of beta and rc versions available to test out or use, but it looks like now it has progressed into a regular standard version.

I have never been much of an Internet Explorer fan, but I use it occasionally for developing and testing web sites display and appearance.

There are a number of articles recently posted about Internet Explorer 9. Many of the ones I have read seem to have mixed reviews. That could be related to those that have always liked it, and those that hate it.

Several of the articles I've read about it people have complained that it froze their computer up. Others suggest installing it caused issues with their computer in general. They weren't real clear. But, a number of people have also said they had no problems what so ever.

For the time being I think I will stick to Internet Explorer 8. I really don't want to deal with some computer issues as a result of installing it.

I will eventually install it, but maybe over the next few weeks or months Microsoft will work out a few of the kinks some people have complained about.

If you are a fan of Internet Explorer, then you might check it out.

For some reason they are using Beauty of the web as the name or page for it which you can visit here:

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03.21.2011 (4122 days ago)
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