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Internet Explorer 6 - IE6 The Aging Dinosaur

What should we do about IE6 (Internet Explorer 6)?

We know that Boonex has stopped development and supporting IE6 for Dolphin. I know some people still like it for some reason, which is beyond me. Perhaps they are afraid to upgrade or they fear they will lose some feature, settings, favorites, etc. I really don't know what is holding these users back.

IE6 is pathetically old technology and is extremely slow in most casual web browsing situations. It just doesn't handle all these new or more modern programming languages like the newer browsers do.

Maybe you don't like the layout or looks of the newer browsers. They might be a little confusing at first, but once you use them they are not that difficult. The speed and performance increase is amazing compared to IE6.

So if you are still using IE6 you really should consider upgrading to at least IE7 or better yet IE8. Incidentally IE9 should be out in the near future.

I personally prefer Mozilla Firefox over IE (Any Version), and over Google Chrome. I do use both IE7 and IE8 for testing purposes. Mainly just to make sure a web site looks reasonably well in both Firefox and IE. Until Chrome and the other browsers gain popularity and market share, I am really not that concerned with them.

Here is a YouTube video featuring Matt Cutt's from Google and his take on IE6:

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04.06.2010 (4561 days ago)
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