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Indexed by Google in 17 hours

I recently posted an article Google Internal Pagerank Checker Tool here on this site in the category other. It is an article about a FREE Google Pagerank Checker you can download and use it to check the rank of your internal pages. It's a tiny little program and it's super fast. It is really a great program and tool.

I just checked Google and the page has been indexed and available in Google Search Results. This happened within 17 hours, and possibly less as I didn't check until 17 hours had gone by. I really wasn't expecting it to be in Google in that time frame. I think this is pretty impressive.

I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary to make this happen. Just a couple of small things, and maybe a little luck too who knows.

Google does come visit this site fairly often. At least once per day it crawls assorted pages, and sometimes more than once. I do try to post something new at least weekly, whether it be a picture, a blog, and article, or whatever. I believe this does help and keeps Google coming back seeking new content and changes. If a site never changes or very rarely changes, I think Google picks up on this and won't come crawl your site as often.

So here are the steps I made to get this page indexed by Google in 17 hours if anyone is interested.

For starters I do have a Google Webmaster's Tools account. I created an .xml sitemap containing most of my links and submitted this to Google using my Google Webmaster's Tools account along time ago. So basically Google is already aware that I have a xml sitemap, knows where to find it, and comes and checks it for changes on occasion.

Now since the page I created was brand new it wasn't in my xml sitemap yet. I can hope Google finds it which it usually does eventually. What I did then was to add the following code to my current xml sitemap with the new link:

Then I just saved the changes to my xml sitemap and uploaded it back to the server.

After that I went to my Google Webmaster Tools account "Sitemaps" checked the box and clicked "Resubmit". A nice message comes across the screen saying that you just "Resubmitted your sitemap".

And that's about it really.

The only other thing I had done was put a description and link on the home page to the article.

Other tips, thoughts and suggestions:

If you don't have a Google Webmaster's Tools account get one. It's totally FREE.
If you don't have a xml sitemap make one or use one of the FREE online creators.
-Then submit your xml sitemap to Google using your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Try to post fresh new content often. At least once per week, or more if you have time.

Don't just copy other content word for word from another site. Google is pretty smart and some say that Google picks up on this and won't give it as much weight compared to if it was original. At the very least rewrite something in your own words.

Spend a little time on writing something of quality, rather than a two liner that nobody will probably read and Google probably won't index anyway.

Try to build up a decent amount of backlinks (other sites linking to your site). This might be simple blog commenting, forum signatures, social bookmarking sites, etc.

When writing a blog, article, story, etc. you should try to use a title that you think people would actually search for in Google. This is probably the most important.

When writing the actual content use keywords and phrases that you think people would also search for in Google. You would be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

I don't even think the actual keywords in your page header is really that important compared to how you actually write your blog, article, story, etc.

Do some experimenting. Sometimes it takes a while to get the hang of and to learn what works for you or your site.


Screen Shots:

Simply punching this into a google search and it quickly tells me it is indexed:

Link Indexed In Google



#1 Position in Google Search Result for:
FREE Google Internal Pagerank Checker Tool


#1 Position in Google

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