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How I got a test site in Google Fast

I was reading some Boonex Unity Forums and Blog Posts recently. I noticed some seemed to be having trouble getting their site indexed by google and the other search engines. I saw a number of references to getting a site indexed by google.

So I decided to create a simple .html site for the heck of it to see how fast I could get google to find it and index it.

Here is a time line for what I recently did:

Around 10:00 PM October 23, 2008

I uploaded all the .html files which was a total of 22 pages. They were created a few days before this. So I am not including the time to make them.

Around 10:30 PM October 23, 2008 I used an online sitemap creator to submit a sitemap.xml to search engines.

Around 10:45 PM October 23, 2008 I submitted my sitemap.xml to google, yahoo, and msn which I already have accounts.

I go to bed and leave it at that for now.

  The next day October 24, 2008

Around 4:00 PM October 24, 2008 I submit a link to digg, delicious, and several other popular social bookmarking sites.

By 5:00 PM October 24, 2008 I already see my post showing up for digg searching for the keyword/tags I used to submit to digg.

Around 8:00 PM October 24, 2008 I submit it to some directory sites using an automated free program, not sure if this is a good idea, but I will try.
-Fast Directory Submitter -

Around 10:00 PM October 24, 2008 I found some blogs with google pr(pagerank) 3-7 that I commented in. Most were wordpress blogs which allow me to include my link back to my site. I used a free blog searching program that searches and tells what the current google pr(pagerank) is for the site and particular blog page. A very handy tool and free. This helps get backlinks to the new site.
-Fast Blog Finder

By 12:30 AM October 25, 2008 I can now find my site by doing a google search.

Not all links are showing up in a google search yet, and yahoo, and msn are not showing much activity yet but that certainly didn't take long.

It did take a little work to submit a few of the above-mentioned.

Now I will continue checking google, yahoo, and msn for more results and update this with anything that might be useful.

2:00 AM October 25, 2008 I commented in a few more blogs mostly wordpress again. Google seems to love wordpress, like it eats it up.

I will follow up and/or edit this with any new updates if I notice anything in particular in google, yahoo, msn etc.


A total of about 26-27 hours before it was in google. It might have even been there in about 24 hours or less if I would have hit the wordpress blogs sooner. Bottom line is you can be in google in 24 hours or less easily. Some of your links may take a few more days, but your main homepage should be no problem in that amount of time.

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