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Google's Algorithm Change Affected Sites

I recently wrote about Google's big algorithm change that was fairly big compared to what we normally would see or expect from them.

There are still a lot of people and site owners a little ticked off about the changes. As far as I understand it is supposed to reduce keywords and rankings of sites often referred to as content farms. From what I have read most of the sites mentioned are article types of sites. People generally submit a short article about anything. Usually at the bottom of the article the person that wrote it or submitted it is generally allowed to add a link or two to their web site.

People use these article types of sites to promote their web site, generate additional traffic and to gain some seo value.

The problem is that a majority of the articles people submit to these sites have little or no value. They tend to just write a plug or advertisement for their own web site or web page. A lot of the articles are really not that helpful.

So it seems that Google has decided to devalue some of these types of sites. Which has affected not only a number of article sites, but also a lot of sites that people have submitted.

I don't know where they get the numbers and statistics from, but there are some pretty significant drops for keywords and search engine result rankings.

Check these out for additional reading:
Number Crunchers: Who Lost In Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Change?

Google Kills eHow Competitors, eHow Rankings Up

I am not a fan of submitting something I write to article sites and directories. If I am going to write something it will be posted on my own site. So it really doesn't matter to me or affect what I do. There are plenty of people and sites out there that it does though.

I have been to some of the sites mentioned. I am not saying all the content is worthless, I am sure they do have some useful articles. I just rarely find something other than an advertisement written in the form of an article.

There is some interesting topics and arguments regarding this floating around out there. Hopefully in the next few weeks this topic will cool down.

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03.07.2011 (4229 days ago)
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