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Google Ranking Based on Site Loading Speed

I mentioned in the past in a blog post that Google is toying around with the idea of ranking sites based on the speed in which a site loads. The faster it loads the potentially better it would rank in a Google search result page.

Well apparently this is now official which you can read about yourself here:
Using site speed in web search ranking (Posted on April 09, 2010)

So far it says it only affects search results in English on, and only 1% of search queries are affected at this point. This is something to keep an eye on to see if they bump how much it affects search results. It kind of implies that other search results at other google country language sites could happen too.

Even though this is a very small percentage (1%), you never know if that will change.

I can't say how much it will affect your Dolphin 7 site. I do know that Dolphin 7 is generally much larger in terms of page size compared to previous versions. It is almost huge if you really examine and run some tests on your Dolphin 7 homepage.

Your site may seem to load fast for you, but it could be cached by your web browser since you visit it often. This could make it appear to load faster than what it really does for Google's bot. A combination of your site being cached by your browser and a very fast internet connection would seem to make your site load fast for you, but that isn't necessarily the case on Google's end.

You can try some of these online test to get a better idea of how fast or slow your site really loads:

There are so many pages, files, css, images, html, etc. that gets loaded...Dolphin 7 really is quite a bit larger than the average/traditional site.

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04.14.2010 (4557 days ago)
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