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Google Pagerank Update Status

I don't know if anyone follows google pagerank updates much. Traditionally google claims an update approximately every 3 months. Recently the updates have happened at less than predictable times. Perhaps they are changing their schedule or ways of doing it. Maybe they are just trying to throw us off.

Recent Google Pagerank Update confirmations

    * Confirmed - September 27 2008
    * Confirmed - 26 July 2008
    * Confirmed - Tue 29 April 2008
    * Confirmed - January 9,10,11,12 2008
    * Confirmed - October 26 2007
    * Confirmed - Sat 28 April 2007

So this would bring up the question "Will the next google pagerank update happen Novemeber 27th'ish?" or will google be back to the 3 month update schedule making it more like December 27th'ish?

Good question. All we can do is wait for the next google pagerank update.

I think they are mixing things up a little.

The last update to backlinks happened on 11-13-08/11-14-08 depending on your time zone. I would appear as if this was a monthly crawl and update. Whether there will be another crawl before the next pagerank happens or not, only google knows I guess.

I will continue following and monitoring this and follow up if or when anything develops.


Google PageRank Explained

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11.22.2008 (5063 days ago)
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