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Google Buying Spree

Google Buying SpreeHas anyone noticed that Google seems to be on a wild buying spree lately? Well maybe not that dramatic, but it seems like they are constantly buying some site or service. I know they got some major $'s and all, but I keep thinking monopoly every time I hear about them buying something new.

It seems like if they have some competition they just buy them. A sort of if we can't provide that service or beat you, then we'll buy you.

A lot of people absolutely love Google, others hate them. I am kind of in the middle. I like Google's search mostly because of its popularity. Adsense is a pretty decent program. Analytics does well with statistics. Some of their other services are ok too.

I just don't like it when companies or corporations that are already huge and powerful continue to expand and get more powerful. I like friendly competition. But what do I do, money talks and Google certainly has plenty of it.

Oh well I am just a little drop in a very large bucket to Google. There are plenty of others like Google out there that own the market share and are borderline monopolies. It's just I tend to hear about Google more often, being a techie like myself.

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11.12.2009 (4708 days ago)
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