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Google Analytics and Favicon.ico

I know it has been covered on a number of other sites, but it still gets asked often.

How or where do I "Add Google Anayltics" to my Dolphin Site?


How or where do I "Add Favicon.ico" to my Dolphin Site?

So I thought I would write up a couple of quick articles about these topics. I tried to keep them fairly short and simple. Hopefully some will get some use out of them.

You can find them here at this site:

How to Add a Favicon.ico to Your Site

How to Add Google Analytics Stats to your Dolphin Site:

Additionally most of the Guides, Tutorials, and other Help I write you will find in the Article Section of this site. I try to add at least 1 per week, but usually it's more like 2-5 per week unless I am very busy.

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10.13.2008 (5011 days ago)
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