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Google Adsense Revenue Thoughts

I was just sitting here thinking about Google Adsense. I was wondering how many people have Adsense accounts and never reach the $100 minimum payout. Maybe someone starts a web site, puts Google Adsense ads on their site makes about $50, but for whatever reason they don't continue with their site.

I mean it must happen, some people start out good and then kind of give up or have other things going on. There has to be plenty of site owners out there that this happens to.

I am just wondering how many Google Adsense account holders out there that this happens to. Say they reach $50 in earnings in their account and that's it. Google really must bank off this since it is already paid for by the person that purchased the ads already. So Google gets their money, yet never has to pay it out because the particular Google Adsense account holder will never reach the $100 minimum payout.

Google must make millions of dollars off this that they never have to payout. Who knows for sure how many people may fall into this, and how much Google actually profits from this scenario.

I like Google Adsense it is a good program, and hopefully they don't shave any clicks or earnings. It is just too bad for the smaller site owner that they have to reach $100 minimum before they can collect it. For smaller sites with low traffic a $50 minimum payout would be nice to see.

Oh well they are Google what do you do right? I am just thinking that they have to make a lot of money on the payouts some account holders never reach.

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08.29.2009 (4780 days ago)
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