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Godaddy Hosting

I am still trying to figure out what brings people to Godaddy hosting to begin with. Is it the name? Is it the price? A combination, or something else?

Although Godaddy works well for .html sites and some simpler scripts, it doesn't work that well for power users. Those of us that require more control, flexibility, and power. I don't know how many times I've heard a horror story about Godaddy hosting. On occasion someone does get Dolphin to work at Godaddy, but more often you won't. The one that did get it to work most likely got lucky and Godaddy didn't set the server up like all their others. Or they haven't had a chance to test out all the Dolphin features yet. They probably haven't tried to upload audio or video 20-30+ MB's yet to see if it will work. And they haven't messed with Orca Forums, and other parts of Dolphin.

Godaddy is great for domain name registration. Some times you can find coupons that will get you a whole year for $6-$8, which sure beats some I've seen up to $35 per year. I've never had a problem with registering a domain or renewing one at Godaddy. However, they are making things a little more difficult by trying to sell you a bunch of extras.

I have often been told that their support flat out stinks. I've been told it's almost like the techs are not even sure sometimes, or reading a scripted response. Someone once told me a Godaddy tech told them to wait a week and the problem will go away. I never hear this one from anywhere before. A problem you need fixing now is going to fix itself in about a week? That's definitely a first. The only thing I could think of is maybe they reboot once a week and this was supposed to solve the customer's problem. One thing for sure if my host told me this, I would be changing to a new one within the hour.

Anyway enough rambling on. I was just curious to how one end's up hosting with Godaddy.

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10.24.2008 (5093 days ago)
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