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Free Dolphin Templates Mods Modules Etc

Let's face it Free is a very good price right? Many people at some point seek out free Dolphin templates, mods, and everything else they can get their hands on. There is nothing wrong with free Dolphin enhancements.

Some seem to be of more quality than others. This is true whether it be any Dolphin related modification free or paid. Some authors release updates, fixes, patches, etc. as Dolphin progresses to new versions. For others it's a one time deal or project that they don't actively work on.

With that in mind it is possible that a Dolphin template, mod, module, or anything else you download for free or paid may not work in the future as Boonex updates and/or changes Dolphin.

It is usually more apparent that this might happen with free Dolphin related modifications. I wouldn't expect someone that provides a free mod to continuously and actively update it for the entire internet world. There are a few that do, but they are not as common. Generally someone takes an interest in Dolphin for a while, but as time goes on they loose interest or get involved in new scripts and projects.

I have tested several free Dolphin 7 mods and templates with variable results from excellent to extremely poor. That is just the way it is with anything.

Some of the free ones I was testing took me more time to fix or adjust just to make it work than what it was worth. I try to avoid these ones, and there are plenty of them like this out there. Some of these free Dolphin mods sound and look great, and they would be if they actually worked worked the way they were intended.

I'm not saying all Dolphin 7 mods free or paid are like this, but there are a number of them out there that are.

Happy modding!

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06.01.2010 (4508 days ago)
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