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Firefox 3.6

I don't know if anyone uses Firefox as much as I do or not. It is my preferred web browser. The free add-ons available to make your life a lot easier and more efficient is just unbelievable. Not to mention Firefox is fast.

Well version 3.6 was released recently. So I decided to upgrade and install it. I really don't see anything new or exciting other than the top menu area where the address bar and tool bar area would be is now skin-able. I think Mozilla calls it Personas. I really don't care about adding some picture or graphic to this area, so in my opinion it's not that exciting.

The major issue I continue to see which consistently gets worse with every new Firefox release ever since version 3x is the memory it consumes has progressively got worse.

The problem I have is the more browsing I do the more memory Firefox consumes. At one point it was using over 600 mb's of memory. Way too much.

It is supposed to release and free it up which it doesn't seem to be doing the way it should. If it uses a lot of memory it starts to get choppy when scrolling and navigating pages. I can always tell when the memory use is up because web sites and pages get noticeably choppy.

The only way I can get it to free up the memory is to totally close Firefox completely. All tabs and windows. Wait a couple of seconds and start it back up, which is obviously a real pain.

There are many topics on the internet about this issue. I read something that Mozilla commented on stating that it's not Firefox, but rather the coding or scripting of the web site or page itself not being properly programmed. Well I don't know about that since it keeps getting worse with each new release. You think it would remain the same otherwise.

I did read about some tweaks or adjustments a few sites suggest doing to improve and reduce the memory leak. I haven't tried any of these yet. I was hoping Mozilla would put out an update that might solve the memory issue.

Other postings I read some people had said Firefox was using 1 to 1 1/2 gb's of memory on their system.

It does seem like certain sites make the memory usage jump or spike more than others. I never really examined the sites or pages that seemed to do this to see what the deal was.

As much as I like Firefox I am really getting annoyed with this problem. I will continue using it because honestly I couldn't get nearly as much done without all the extra's available for it.

If any of you use Firefox 3x or above and it seems to get choppy while scrolling around a page or site, it is probably chewing up a bunch of memory on your system. Closing all windows and tabs and then loading the thing back up usually solves it, but only temporarily.

I just wish the Mozilla folks would spend less time on adding a feature like Persona's, and spend more time on the memory leak.

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03.18.2010 (4582 days ago)
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