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Firefox 3.5 comes out of Beta

Firefox 3.5 finally came out of Beta and is now an official release. I suspect we will see some updates over the next several weeks as things are fine tuned and polished a little more.

It does promise and deliver many new features which range from security enhancements, increased speed and page loading, to just plain cool new features.

I noticed a definite page load speed when visiting some of my favorite sites. It's only day 1 for me using firefox 3.5 so I will have to continue playing around with it for a while yet. Firefox is famous for fast loading after first installing, but as you do more with it the database grows considerably and over time slows to a crawl. So I will really be watching this one.

Before installing firefox 3.5 be sure to export your current bookmarks. For some reason they get dumped and you will lose them all. Also, you might backup any shortcuts you currently have setup, as these seem to disappear too. Hopefully they will have a better upgrade package in the near future so one won't lose all of these. If you are like me and have a ton of bookmarks, you don't want them wiped out in one quick pop!

Some of the addons/pluggins do not work with firefox 3.5. Some do, some need to be upgraded, and other need to be upgraded by the creator. The good news is firefox is so popular many of the more popular will work, and there is a good chance others will be upgraded soon.

Firefox 3.5 does appear to consume a bit more memory than 3.0x. When I open several new tabs and/or windows it very quickly begins chewing up memory. If you are lucky enough to have tons of memory in your computer it shouldn't be a problem.

You might checkout this link to firefox with a brief overview video of the new firefox 3.5 features.

And download firefox 3.5 here:

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07.01.2009 (4842 days ago)
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