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Facebook to charge

Facebook to Charge a Fee......


Now i dont know if any of you use facebook, i myself am a big user of it, and just recently there are rumours that facebook are going to charge 4 dollars a month for some of it usage.

Now i dont know if any of this is true, all i know is that there is a group you can join on facebook to fight against this move, but then i got to thinking.... Is this really such a bad idea ???

Well yes if you are a user of facebook, but what about us, we all have our own communitys, so as people are going up in arms agaisnt this, and many people will probably leave, have said as much, wont this be good for us and our little communties.

Facebook like Myspace have a really big monolopy over the community scene, so whats left for us is really the small market, the small groups like " fishermen who ride bikes" type of thing. LOL, off the top of my head, so if there are more people wandering about looking for a new home to rest their community heads, facebook charging might be a good thing for us.

Its probably only a rumour, but its a rumour that is gathering pace, and we do tend to say where i come from..


" There is no smoke without fire"


So you never know.......



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11.08.2009 (4713 days ago)
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