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Facebook and Dolphin

For a while when Myspace was more popular everyone wanted their Dolphin site to look like and have similar features as Myspace. Now along comes the Facebook popularity and the same thing happens. Everyone wants Facebook like features, design, layout, you name it. There are evenĀ  plenty of mods at Boonex that are Facebook related.

Now I really don't care that much. I can live with or without Facebook. It's all right I guess, but it is pretty much the same thing day after day. Not to mention all those games, trivia, and other little annoying gadgets I could live without.

I guess it must be a popularity thing. Maybe some think that if they have a site similar to Facebook they will all come and join their site or something. Dolphin 7 could definitely be more user friendly, but I don't think making your site more like Facebook is going to bring you tons of new members. It is just too popular to compete with.

I prefer something unique, different, and user friendly. Something that hasn't been done before, or totally attention getting. I couldn't tell you what that would be. I find many sites that are so similar to Facebook to be a turnoff. It's kind of like been there done that, let's move along to something else now. At least for me anyway.

All the hoopla and hype with Facebook just seems overrated, but that is just my opinion.

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06.26.2010 (4390 days ago)
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