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Facebook Popularity

We all know how popular Facebook has become. Everywhere you look there is a Facebook like button. Facebook is constantly in the news, it's on cell phones, in our cars, you name it.

I keep hearing about how Facebook is worth X-Billions of dollars. And, how Mark Zuckerberg is worth this much or that much. How or where they come up with those figures is a good question.

The thing I wonder about is can Facebook actually keep the pace and popularity for years to come. They do seem to be a major global player at the moment. But, we've seen some pretty big sites that were at one time big and popular that no longer exist or are not popular anymore. Remember Myspace?

Since I don't have one of those crystal balls that can see into the future there really is no way of knowing whether it will be around in 5 to 10 years or more from now.

If Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are worth all the billions the media is always suggesting I would seriously think about selling sometime in the near future. I would take the billions, buy an island in the Caribbean and live happily ever after. Home much money does one dude really need anyway? I know fame and fortune can make some people crave more, but a tropical island sounds pretty good to me.

Personally I can live with or without Facebook. It is not something I need, nor am I hooked on it like many people seem to be. Overall it is a simple site that I would say can be a little boring at times. And, all those games, survey, trivia and things are more than annoying.

At any rate I just wonder about the future of Facebook, and come 5 to 10 plus years from now if people will still be hooked on it, or if there will be some new site or trend.

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04.17.2011 (4095 days ago)
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