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Facebook (FB) Purity - Clean Your Facebook Homepage

I don't know if any of you have heard of Facebook Purity or not. I recently stumbled upon it almost by accident. I had been looking for something like it for a long time.

It is a FREE Grease Monkey Addon script for Firefox. Which means you need Firefox web browser, the Grease Monkey addon, and the Facebook Purity script to make it work. Very simple to add to Firefox with a couple of quick clicks of your mouse.

What it mainly does or can do for you is hide any or all of those annoying applications. Things like quizzes, surveys, horoscopes, Farmville, mafia wars, etc. Hide what you want, it is customizable.

Maybe you like seeing all those quizzes, or what everyone's horoscope is, what someones score is, or that they need some help with their Farm. Personally I have no interest in most of these things. They consume the majority of my Facebook page, and they make it difficult to even find something worth reading.

It comes with a configurable whitelist and blacklist so the ones you want to see you add to the whitelist. Those you don't want to see blacklist them. It will tell you how many were blocked or hidden based on your settings. If you want to see them simply click the "Show" at the top of your Facebook page. Then, click "Hide" to get rid of them again.

Here in this screen shot you can see it has blocked or hidden 12 applications and 13 extras. Which basically means I have 25 fewer things on my main Facebook News Feed that I don't want to see anyway. Makes my News Feeds much more pleasant to read and see what's going on.

Facebook (FB) Purity

You can get the Facebook (FB) Purity script along with links for the Grease Monkey addon for Firefox with additional reading and instructions here:
Facebook Purity

If you have Firefox 3.6x which was recently release you will need to install this updated version for Firefox 3.6x here:
Patched Version for Firefox 3.6

Definately worth it if you are like me and sick of all those goofy applications!

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03.30.2010 (4570 days ago)
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