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Facebook Dolphin Websites

I see more and more Boonex Dolphin based websites that appear to look more like Facebook. The obvious noticeable thing is the actual template or design, but sometimes other features as well.

I guess it's a popularity thing. People want to imitate and copy Facebook's success or something. Dolphin users did the same thing a few years back when Myspace had soaring popularity. At that time there was a bunch of Myspace templates and modifications for Dolphin.

Boonex Dolphin is not the only script people use to make a Facebook like website. I have seen a number of other scripts that people use to do the same.

It doesn't matter to me I just don't get why people want the same look and as much similarities as Facebook in their website. I can understand some Facebook integration, but to copy or mimic as much as possible doesn't really appeal to me. If I came to a website that had the same look, feel, and similar features as Facebook I don't see the point of joining. There would have to be something really interesting or helpful for me to join. Otherwise, I would just stick with Facebook. That is just my opinion and take on websites that are similar.

There are a lot of Twitter like sites out there too. Some nearly identical, while others slightly different with a similar feel. Same thing with these. I would likely just use Twitter.

The list goes on and on actually.

It's like very few websites are truly unique and different anymore. Everyone just installs some script, a fancy template and a few modifications and they are good to go.

I am guessing they are hoping it might attract visitors and encourage people to sign up or join their site. But, people actually have to find your website and there has to be some interesting, helpful, and active content as well. So just remember there is much more work to do besides making your website template, design, and features like Facebook.

But, hey whatever works for you and your Dolphin website.

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05.15.2011 (4156 days ago)
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