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I haven't been a fan of for a while now. After Boonex announced they would be closing Expertzzz, I dropped by there a couple of times. Several weeks passed, and Boonex posted another announcement that Expertzzz will be closed soon. They didn't exactly elaborate on what soon means. I did read that logging in and creating accounts would be turned off somehow, but content would remain for a while. Again, who knows how long this is referring to.

I hope they at least turn off the ability to sell, if they are going to be limiting access. Otherwise, they will have a lot of problems, if they don't already.

I briefly visited the site last night since I hadn't been there in a while to see what has been going on there. I didn't log in. I just visited a few forumz posts and checked the downloadz section.

People are still posting so member logins must still be active and working. I have a feeling that when Boonex says soon, they mean much longer than the average person would assume. So maybe Expertzzz will continue for longer than most people would expect.

Only thing I really noticed at Expertzzz is a lot of forumz and downloadz posted from members basically calling each other names, or fighting and arguing about something or other. I didn't spend too much time there to see what the deal was or anything. Just a lot of negative activity and it is apparent that Expertzzz is probably not even moderated or there is very little moderation going on anymore.

I really don't know what their plan is for Expertzzz, whether they intend to turn it off completely or not.

Expertzzz does have a fairly decent traffic flow yet, and ranks well in popularity. Plus I am sure it sends a lot of traffic to too. Now if it was turned off they might just end up at anyway. Or I guess it could just be redirected to maybe.

It doesn't really matter to me what they do with Expertzzz. I don't really have an interest in visiting the site anyway. I just hate to see a bunch of last minute attempts to rip people off there. Which really I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. I don't know everyone's story, but I do hear about people getting ripped off there fairly often.

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01.25.2010 (4635 days ago)
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