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Email Addresses and Your Site

Why do people keep using gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol, or other national email addresses for their website contact info?

I know they are popular and convenient along with plenty of storage space and all that good stuff. They are fine and dandy for personal and many online experiences, but for a website that you maintain and administer it can be less than preferable.

Imagine if paypal, ebay, your bank, facebook, or other professional business or organization used a contact email like If you were to contact a business like one of these and a response came from johndoe@gmail wouldn't you be a little confused or discouraged to provide any additional info they might suggest? I know I would.

Still it is fairly easy to fake a legitimate email address.

I would still prefer to get a response from a site I contact that includes the actual site name like Even would seem more professional than a gmail address.

Almost all paid hosting accounts include the ability to create an email address for with a few simple clicks of your mouse. It only takes a few moments and is very easy to create one. Some paid hosting accounts have limitations on the amount of email addresses you are allowed to create for your domain. Others suggest they allow unlimited email addresses.

I am not sure why this is so difficult to understand and to use. I don't know if it is too confusing for some, it really is very simple to setup. Or if some people are just too lazy and don't want to take the time to set one up for some reason.

You really should think about creating an email address for your domain name in your hosts control panel. It looks more professional for your site, to your members and to any visitors that might need to contact you.

Something to think about and consider anyway.

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06.21.2010 (4488 days ago)
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