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Dolphin and UNA Tutuorials

At this point since my website is primarily about Dolphin I don't plan on posting UNA tutorials. At least not in the near future.

As far as I am concerned UNA is not ready for a prime-time live environment just yet anyway. I keep reading in the UNA discussions more help, problems, and issues than I was expecting. So, in my opinion UNA isn't ready for a live website until that is drastically reduced. I'm sure it will happen, but I expect it to take a lot more time to get it in order yet.

Traditionally it takes Boonex 3-5 stable releases before Dolphin really took shape and started working better. If this is the case with UNA it will definitely be a while. And, considering it is a new product maybe even longer. Then again, they have been working on UNA for years now, and I kind of expected them to be a little further along than what they are. That could be because now they are trying to maintain both Dolphin Pro and UNA and essentially created twice as much work for themselves.

I remember someone asked me for help with UNA several years ago. I told them I prefer not to work on it at the time until it matures. Here, we are several years down the road now and I would tell them exactly the same thing. I won't work on it until it becomes much more stable than what it is at the current time and date.

I personally still prefer Dolphin/Dolphin Pro right now. Maybe because I have been using it for such a long time it has grown on me. UNA is still new to me, and I would rather not spend too much time with it just yet. I have a feeling I would just get used to doing something a certian way, and then Boonex would go and change that or move it to another area thereby wasting a lot of my time. I would have to start fresh and learn what they changed again.

For those running UNA in a live environment/website they are pretty brave. I wouldn't even consider doing that for a long time, but more power to them. I hope it works out well.

I also wanted to mention I do have various Dolphin Tutorials titled:
Dolphin Pro Tutorials
Dolphin 7.1 Tutorials
Dolphin 7 Tutorials
Dolphin 6.1 Tutorials
RMS Tutorials
Webmaster Resources

All of the Dolphin tutorials are pretty much useful for all versions including and up to the current Dolphin 7.4.2 release. And, should Boonex continue developing and releasing new versions they should work with them as well.

But, as you can see I have tutorials that go way back to Dolphin 6.1, which is quite a while back now.

I actually started using Dolphin in the 5.6 days. I did a little testing of 5.5, but waited until 5.6 before I really got serious about Dolphin.

Anyway be sure to see my other tutorials if interested as well. If I combined them all on to one page it would be quite impressive.

I do enjoy looking back at some of the older ones just to look back and remember the good 'ol early days of working with Dolphin and how it has progressed over the years.

Maybe one day I will be saying that about UNA too, but until then ... time will only tell!

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03.01.2019 (1312 days ago)
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